Why do I receive a file-copy error when I perform an in-place upgrade of Windows Server 2003?

A. If you install Windows 2003 over an existing Windows 2003 installation, you might receive any of the following errors:

  • Setup Cannot Copy the File Cmprops.dl_
  • Setup Cannot Copy the File Licwmi.dl_
  • Setup Cannot Copy the File Mmfutil.dl_
  • Setup Cannot Copy the File Servereps.dl_

You might also notice errors in the scssetup.log file in the \%systemroot%\security folder. These errors are the result of a corrupted secedit.sdb file. This file corruption often occurs when a computer suddenly stops rather than completing a controlled shutdown.

To resolve these errors, you must use the esentutl.exe file to repair the database by performing the following steps:

  1. Start a command session.
  2. Run Esentutl's repair option by typing
    esentutl /p %windir%\security\database\secedit.sdb 
  3. Click OK to the displayed dialog box. Esentutl will confirm the repair by displaying a log file similar to the following example:
    Microsoft(R) Windows(R) Database Utilities
    Version 5.2
    Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation. All Rights Reserved.
    Initiating REPAIR mode...
    Database: C:\WINDOWS\security\database\secedit.sdb
    Temp. Database: TEMPREPAIR4072.EDB
    Checking database integrity.
    Scanning Status (% complete)
    0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100
    Integrity check successful.
    It is recommended that you immediately perform a full backup
    of this database. If you restore a backup made before the
    repair, the database will be rolled back to the state
    it was in at the time of that backup.
    Operation completed successfully in 129.176 seconds. 
  4. Navigate to the \%windir%\security folder by typing
    cd %windir%\security 
  5. Remove the edb0000x.log file by typing
    del edb0000*.log 
  6. You'll then be able to perform the in-place upgrade.

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