Microsoft vs. SuperFish

Microsoft vs. SuperFish

Channeling Batman with shark repellent, Microsoft today has issued an update for its built-in Windows Defender product that eliminates the secret adware on Lenovo computers that has become a hot button topic over the last 48 hours.

Richard provided detail and commentary on SuperFish yesterday, and then subsequently posted up a poll on What grade would you give Lenovo's response to the Superfish situation?

If you own a Lenovo computer, make sure to update Windows Defender to get the bits designed to eliminate the threat.

In brief, Lenovo started installing a special bit of adware, dubbed SuperFish, on its computers last year. The company came under scrutiny then, but the outcry was minor enough for it to ignore. However, after researchers dug deeper into the adware this week, it was found that the software did more than just insert ads into random web pages. In addition to serving online commercials that nobody wants, SuperFish also tampers with computer security in such a way that attackers could spy on all web browser traffic.

So what you say? I have nothing to hide, you say?

According to security experts, SuperFish allows attackers to see ALL the communication that's supposed to be confidential including banking transactions, passwords, emails, instant messages, and more.

WindowsITPro expert, Troy Hunt, has promised in-depth coverage for SuperFish next week as part of his weekly Security Sense feature.


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