JSI Tip 9728. You receive 'Windows File Protection: Files that are required for windows to run properly have been replaced by unknown versions' in Windows NT 5.x?

If you receive the subject error, or you cannot run Windows Update or Microsoft Update because trusted root certificates are missing from the certificate store, or your System event log has an entry similar to:

Source: Windows File Protection
Event ID: 64033
Description: Windows File Protection could not be initialized. The specific error code is 0xc000000f.

you may be infected by a VX2 malicious program variant.

To resolve this problem:

1. If you are not yet running Internet Explorer 6:

            a. Start / Run / regsvr32 /s initpki.dll / OK.

            b. Download and install Internet Explorer 6.

            c. Start / Run / regsvr32 /s initpki.dll / OK.

2. Download and install the Microsoft Windows AntiSpyware (Beta).

3. Run the Microsoft Windows AntiSpyware (Beta) program to remove the VX2 program variants that are detected.

4. Start / Run / regsvr32 /s initpki.dll / OK.

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