JSI Tip 1838. User account expiration date is different in NET USER and User Manager?

When you use:

NET USER UserName <password> /EXPIRE:<mm/dd/yy> /ADD

to create an account, the expiration date has changed when you view this account in User Manager?

Actually, there is nothing wrong, except that the programmers at Microsoft don't talk to each other, and neither do their managers.

NET USER sets the account expiration to 00:00 on the date you enter.


net user test <password> /expire:12/01/99 /add

net user test

User name                 test
Account Expires       12/1/1999 00:00

When you view this account in User Manager, it shows the expiration as:

End of 11/30/99

Which is the same date/time:

11/30/99 Midnight = 12/01/99 00:00.

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