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The Windows XP Death Threat Notice is KB2934207

The Windows XP Death Threat Notice is KB2934207

Many of you already know that Microsoft is releasing a pop-up alert as part of March's Patch Tuesday. The pop-up produces a recurring (every 8th of the month unless disabled) notification for Windows XP users that states the OS's expiration date (April 8, 2014) and provides a link for those who just didn't know to read more. The link sends clickers to a page that explains the end of support and offers Windows 8.1 as a migration choice (despite Windows XP not being upgradeable directly to Windows 8.1). If you somehow missed all of this, you can get caught up quickly reading these two articles:

The pop-up will only be deployed through Windows Update and not provided for WSUS, which in turn, means it will not be available for those companies using System Center Configuration Manager (ConfigMgr) to deploy updates.

Still, there are those administrators using ConfigMgr and WSUS that have asked if the pop-up update could be available as a manual deployment.

When released, the update will be article ID: 2934207.

You can find the KB support article already released here: A notification about the end of Windows XP support

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