Microsoft to Give Windows XP Users a Death Alert During March Patch Tuesday

Microsoft to Give Windows XP Users a Death Alert During March Patch Tuesday

With only two Patch Tuesday's left, Microsoft is finally taking direct actions about warning users of the impending end of support for the nearly 13 year old operating system.

On March 8th, 2014, as part of the regularly scheduled Windows Update releases, Microsoft will deliver a special notification pop-up to Windows XP users. If the computer is running either the Home or Professional editions of Windows XP, the following message will display:

The pop-up will include a link to the Windows XP End of Support web site (Support is ending soon) so, hopefully, those who had no clue before now that their version of Windows XP is expiring, will be able to learn why delaying migration is in no one's best interest. Many people boot up their PC in the mornings and just use it, without caring what version of the Windows operating system is running. To help those who are unsure of what Windows version they have been using for 10-plus years, Microsoft has also put together an web site. The web site gives clear indication whether or not the visiting PC is running Windows XP, and if so, offers information about why it's important to upgrade and what options are available.

Personally, I believe Microsoft waited too long for this. With just a little over a month left, that doesn't give Windows XP users who are seeing this message for the first time to cobble together the knowledge and resources to upgrade. This should have been done 6 months ago, and then repeated periodically.

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