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Windows XP User Interface Gallery (Part 2)

The improved thumbnail view adds thumbnails to folder images so you can see what's inside.

Internet Explorer 6 integrates with the Whistler UI and includes a new Personal Bar.

You can add and remove bars from the new Personal Bar in IE 6.

The Search Companion, available in My Computer and IE 6, uses a new Agent character.

Despite amazing improvements to the IE 6 user interface, Outlook Express 6 seems largely unchanged from previous versions.

The new Help and Support Services application provides a pleasant, Web-enabled interface to help functionality.

Windows Update is now integrated into Help and Support, though it is still available from IE as well.

A confusing array of update types is now available in Windows Update, along with new "basket" terminology.

The feature everyone hates: Windows XP now includes Product Activation, which is designed to prevent casual copying.

IE 6 appears to render sites identically to IE 5.x.

The beautiful new "welcome" screen is often mistaken for a PowerPoint slide, Microsoft tells me.

Windows XP supports a variety of ways to shut down the system. Not shown here: Log-off and Fast User Switching.

Windows Media Player 8 integrates with the Whistler UI and offers a ton of new, user-requested features.

When you rip CDs to Windows Media format, the containing folders automatically display an image of the CD's album cover.

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