Tracking: Error 80246002 Windows Update Problem

Tracking: Error 80246002 Windows Update Problem

Split into five separate threads on the Microsoft forums, a new Windows Update issue is rearing its ugly head.

Some have reported that the problem arose after installing yesterday's rerelease of the patch to fix the update that cause bluescreens this month. For others, it’s not as clear. But, nonetheless, the reports are growing.

The issue seems to target Windows 7 users. One user explains it this way:

As suggested by Microsoft, the failed security update MS14-045 requires actions to be take. You recommend manual uninstall of KB 2982791. This I did. The system reboots. I then went to try and use Windows Update so that it finds and installs the replacement, KB 2993651.

Windows Update is now corrupted. It issues error code 80246002.

MVPs monitoring the threads have offered suggestions including applying a FixIt solution and running the Windows Update Troubleshooter. The FixIt solution hasn't worked in any reported case, though the Windows Update Troubleshooter has had success in at least one instance.

Here's the current thread list:

Windows Update error 'Code 80246002'

New Windows Update Agent 7.6.7600.320 causing error 80246002 during search for updates

Windows Update Error Code 80246002 (on every computer I own)

Error _80246002 preventing getting updates for Security Essentials/ Mr. FIXIT did not resolve the issue.

Win 7 Windows Update 80246002 Unable to run updates

And, it's even getting some observance on Twitter:

I'll keep watching for clues and potential fixes.

UPDATE: Here's one potential fix:

UPDATE 2: Thanks to a bunch of folks who have emailed me and communicated over Twitter, one solution seems to work in most cases. One response from Carl Hudkins (thanks, Carl!) describes it best:

I appreciate the thread tracking this issue, and wanted to let you know of my success.  Part of my job is building and updating OS images; today I hit this problem on a newly installed 2008R2 x64 system.  KB947821 did not help, but the suggestion of changing DNS from one of the threads did.  I changed to use Google’s and, although it took over five minutes to check for updates, I did not get the error code and was able to proceed.

So, it seems to be a DNS issue, which I'm sure will work itself out eventually. The issue could be related to Time Warner's DNS problem today, that caused all Microsoft sites to be inaccessible. If you remember, TWC had a major service outage just yesterday.

If you experience this issue or find a resolution, drop me a note in the comments, or…


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