Your wish list ideas for features that need to be in Windows 10

Your wish list ideas for features that need to be in Windows 10

Late last week I wrote up an article that talked about the top 5 items on a wish list of features for Windows 10 and the responses over the weekend have been tremendous.

I wanted to add some of those suggestions to the wish list and continue the discussion about those features users really want to see in Windows 10.

In hindsight the biggest area commented about was OneDrive and the missing place holders and should have been on our list as well.

I have been living with the change since Windows 10 began testing last fall and have become quite tolerant of the missing placeholders.  Windows 8/8.1 users will notice this the most as the placeholder feature was available in OneDrive on the unpopular OS. In Windows 8.1, OneDrive had an option where you could decide down to the file level whether or not that file would be fully synched to your local device or just a marker to the online file. A simple click on the file would download it for temporary local access and any changes would be synched back to the OneDrive cloud storage. There were also entries on context menus for OneDrive folders and files with options to make the files available offline or online.

Users with larger amounts of data on OneDrive are the most impacted with this change in Windows 10 because the options are to either sync a folder or not sync it. In this situation, without place holders, the local OneDrive storage does not show the existence of any folders you choose not to sync. That of course, can be problematic for many users and was a step backwards compared to what was available in Windows 8/8.1. All of that makes for very good reasons why this should be on top of the list of things users want in Windows 10.

There is some hope that this feature will return based on some roadmap information that was shared during Microsoft's Ignite conference earlier this year but until that new combined consumer/business sync engine is released we will not know for sure.

Some other suggestion from readers included:

  • Modifying Login Screen image with custom image
  • Full featured Windows 8.1 style parental controls back into the operating system
  • Tabbed File Manager
  • Media Center
  • Get Cortana to more markets faster

Although that last one is not a feature that is missing from Windows 10, in fact Microsoft has made a point of emphasizing her capabilities in the new OS a part of marketing, it is one that is slowly rolling out worldwide and many users want it sooner rather than later.

What other areas do you want to see improved or added to Windows 10?

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