You can now opt back into receiving Windows 10 Insider builds

You can now opt back into receiving Windows 10 Insider builds

Last week, after Microsoft released Windows 10 to the world on 29 July, I took a closer look at what Insiders would need to do so they can receive early access to updates for Windows 10 post release.

Although the process did work to enroll/dis-enroll using the Settings>Update & security>Advanced Options>Get Insider build options full enrollment was not possible because Microsoft had not flipped the right switch to turn enrollment back on from their end.

It appears that Microsoft did just that yesterday and now the process I detailed last week will work to opt your system in so that it receives updates and new builds before they are released to the general public on Windows 10.

The Insider program will continue to work as it did in the past with two ring options - Fast and Slow. Those who opt into the Fast Ring must be willing to accept less stable builds but will get the quickest access to new features and updates. Slow Ring Insiders will receive more stable releases and see less risk of overall issues but those releases will not be as frequent as those in the Fast Rings.

One other thing to consider is your approach to which of your devices will continue to participate in the Windows Insider Program.

Now that we have a stable general release of Windows 10 you should follow the advice that was shared at the beginning of the Windows Insider Program last October. That means do not enroll any production devices to receive these early updates.

For me I am enrolling one test device (HP Spectre x360) and will also have one virtual machine in the program - my other devices will remain clean.

Oh yeah, the wife's desktop will remain on the normal channel as well because I have to protect those 31 years of marriage!

So what is your plan for the continuing in the Windows Insider Program?

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