Xbox Wireless Controller Adapter for Windows to be available soon

Xbox Wireless Controller Adapter for Windows to be available soon

Last week during their big hardware event in NYC Microsoft shared various stats relating to the momentum they are seeing for Windows 10.

One of those tidbits was that Windows 10 users had streamed over 120 years worth of gaming from their Xbox One console to Windows 10 via the Xbox App. This feature, which was introduced as Windows 10 was being tested, works very well on both wired and wireless networks.

All of the controllers that ship with Xbox One or are bought separately can be used on your Windows 10 device, which is great foresight on Microsoft's part, but they do require a USB cable to work with game streaming - at least for right now.

As of 03 November the Microsoft Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows will be available and eliminate the need for any wired controller connections on your Windows 10 machine for game streaming. You can go ahead and pre-order and it will set you back just $24.99.

Update: Thanks to a sharp eyed reader it appears the Amazon listing is showing the wrong availability date. The listing at the Microsoft Store shows this adapter will be available on 20 October 2015.

The USB device is compact and comes with a USB extension cable so you have options for connecting it to your device.

Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows

As I said earlier, the experience of streaming full Xbox One games to a Windows 10 desktop is pretty amazing. I have streamed games such as Madden NFL 16 and Rory McIlroy PGA Tour on both wired and wireless connections and I did not experience any lag or stutter.

It is pretty impressive and no wonder there has been almost 44,000 days, over 1 million hours and over 63 million minutes worth of games streamed to Windows 10 devices since the new OS release back in July.

Have you used this feature on Windows 10? If so, what do you think of it?

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