Xbox app on Windows 10 receives a big update

Xbox app on Windows 10 receives a big update

If you have the Windows 10 Technical Preview installed on one of your machines then you may want to fire it up this morning to check out the latest build of the Xbox app which was released overnight.

Hopefully, you updated your Windows 10 Technical Preview installs yesterday with this month's Patch Tuesday updates but this update is delivered through the Windows Store Beta (the gray tiled version).

Just open the Store Beta and you should see a prompt for an updated Xbox app. Once it is installed you can start up the Store Beta and explore the new updates which include:

- Game DVR
- Ability to connect your Xbox One
- View OneGuide
- Xbox One Remote Control
- Watch game clips
- Improved Activitiy Feed
- Improved Profile

I am not aware of any games that are available publicly that support gaming between the Xbox One console to Windows 10 nor am I aware of any games on Windows 10 that support the Game DVR yet.  However, since these features are making their way into the app it is very likely that functionality is beintg tested inside of Microsoft and we will soon see it as well.

Check out the gallery to see updated screenshots from the app.

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