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WWDC Developers: iPhone, iPad Yes, Mac No

Looks like the iOS “halo effect” doesn’t extend to the Mac. In fact, if I’m reading the tea leaves correctly here, what developers are interested in generally is smart phone/mobile platforms and not traditional desktop OSes like Mac OS X.

According to Apple Insider, a recent poll of WWDC 2011 attendees (i.e. developers that target Apple platforms) shows that 100 percent target the iPhone, 83 percent target the iPad, but only a woeful 7 percent target the Mac. The same percentage of developers is targeting webOS for crying out loud. And no one uses webOS. No one.

How bad is it? That figure is about half the support that Apple developers show to Windows Phone, which is supposedly struggling right now: Fully 13 percent of WWDC attendees surveyed are targeting Windows Phone. Meanwhile, Android and RIM (Blackberry) are coming on even stronger, with 47 and 36 percent supporting those mobile platforms, respectively.


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