Workaround for Windows 10 Build 14267 Power Bug

Workaround for Windows 10 Build 14267 Power Bug

With the release of Windows 10 Build 14267 for PCs yesterday, Insiders are checking out the new features and searching for bugs because that is what testers do.

By releasing five builds in five weeks Microsoft has been nailing their commitment to get builds out faster to testers. That faster release pace means the risk of more bugginess but they have been fairly stable on my test system - an HP Spectre x360.

Yesterday's build brought along several new features, bug fixes and retained at least one know issue however, based on several reports and confirmations on social media it also introduced a power related bug for users including myself.

It appears if your system running 14267 is shut down or goes into hibernate mode it will freeze at the devices boot up screen when attempting to power back on.

The fix is the easiest out there - just hit the power button to shut the system down and then power up again to restart the system.

This bug does not appear to impact sleep mode but if your system is not plugged in and goes into sleep mode and then hibernate then it will be bitten by this bug as well.

I have entered this bug into the Windows Feedback app so if you are also seeing this same power issue please upvote the feedback so it can be addressed by Microsoft.

Thanks to everyone on Twitter who helped verify the bug.

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