Windows Store in the Windows 10 Anniversary Update


One goal Microsoft had in developing the Windows 10 Anniversary Update was to build a centralized Windows Store that would be accessible on all Windows 10 platforms and they have reached that vision with the upcoming release of the Anniversary Update next week.

Here is what I wrote about the redesigned Windows Store in my Windows 10 Review here on Supersite: Windows:

"A common Windows Store is now accessible across Windows 10 platforms like PCs, tablets, mobile devices and the Xbox One.

By combining the stores across all of these devices the interface will be familiar no matter which device is used to view items listed in the Store. While many Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps have typically been buy it once and get it anywhere that has not been the case with games between a Windows 10 PC and an Xbox One console.

That changes under the Anniversary Update with a new program called Xbox Play Anywhere which will allow you to buy a game on your console and/or PC then have it available on the other platform at no additional cost. That also means your progress, achievements, and saved games are accessible from whichever Windows 10 device you bring the game up on."

The Windows Store also gains a couple of key features which many users have been asking for since we first saw the Windows Store unveiled with the release of Windows 8.

- Users can now easily hide previously installed apps from their Windows Store Library

- A listing of recent app updates

- Notifications in the Action Center when Windows Store apps are updated

This gallery will show you how the same Windows Store listing looks in the desktop, mobile and Xbox One versions of the new Windows Store plus there are images to show you the recently updated listing and how you can hide previously installed apps in your Store listing.

Windows 10 Anniversary Update

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