Windows Store Update on Windows 10 Redstone Delivers Key Features


If you are currently running the latest Windows Insider test builds of Windows 10, build 14342 on PCs and Mobile devices, then you should have received an update for the built in Windows Store app in the last 12 hours.

This update not only delivers a revamped user interface that provides a new Home screen and updated app listings presentation but it finally brings to features that users have been asking for ever since the Windows Store was part of Windows 8.

The first feature is a recent activity list that provides a chronological listing of apps that have been updated on your device. It includes the app icon, name, build number and info about when it was updated.

The second new feature is in your library app listing and it is the ability to hide apps that you have previously installed. If you are like me and have tested a lot of apps over the last few years this will allow you to clean things up significantly.

However, be aware that it appears once you tap that hide app icon in your library it is hidden from sight right then with no confirmation.  You can retrieve those hidden apps in the Your Apps​ list though - at least on a temporary basis.

One other thing that I need to test is if apps that are hidden in the mobile Store app are also hidden on the PC version of the app. There is an update available on PCs running the latest Windows Insider build but for some reason it will not download. I will test this theory out once that app is updated with the new capabilities.

In the meantime you can check out the gallery to see these new features that have been updated in the new Store app.


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