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Windows Phone 7 App of the Week:

Date: February 13, 2011
App type: Lifestyle
Publisher: Amazon Mobile LLC
Release date: February 10, 2010
Price: FREE
Phone features used: Data connection, media library, push notifications, web browser, RunsUnderLock, phone identity

This one isn't going to require much conversation: In the context of Windows Phone being a new smart phone platform, and Windows Phone users still eagerly awaiting some apps in that gotta-have-it collection of apps they know and love from previous phones, I present Amazon's app for Windows Phone. It works exactly as you'd expect. And it works just as well as you, a Windows Phone user, deserves.  Which is to say, very well.

As with its counterparts on other, lesser smart phone platforms, the Amazon app for Windows Phone lets you search the Amazon e-Commerce web site using a custom, native experience. There's no real "browsing" per se, as you'd experience on the normal web. Instead, the app assumes you're out and about, and know at least roughly what you're looking for.

Once you do initiate a search, the Amazon app provides a pretty rich user experience given the screen size limitations. You get graphical search results, as well as overview, details, reviews, new & used and related sections for each item. It's a nice little replication of the full site (again, minus true browsing).

You can also manage your Amazon account somewhat--with the ability to track packages, view and cancel orders, and so on--and of course logging in gives you access to your default shipping information and One-Click preferences.

I use the Amazon app when I'm out and about to see whether I can get an item for less money from my favorite e-Commerce site. That's often the case, though of course there are times when you're looking at something and you want to get it immediately. (Likewise, I'll often browse for books locally but purchase them for the Kindle using Amazon's other Windows Phone app, Kindle for Windows Phone.) If you're a faithful Amazon customer like I am, this app is a necessity.

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