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Windows Ink Workspace in the Windows 10 Anniversary Update


Inking on Windows 10 has a brand new base of operations in the Windows 10 Anniversary Update and it is called Windows Ink Workspace.

You will automatically find its icon down in the system tray of any device that is compatible with using a pen on screen.

Windows Ink Workspace Icon on Windows 10 Anniversary Update

That is the icon right next to the onscreen keyboard icon. Just tap it or click on it with your mouse to open the Windows Ink Workspace.

By default, your pen is set to open the Windows Ink Workspace with one click of your pen's button.

However, if you are on a touch based device that does not work with a pen of any type then you can still add the Windows Ink Workspace icon to the the taskbar by right-clicking anywhere on the taskbar and placing a checkmark next to Show Windows Ink Workspace button.

Windows 10 Taskbar Right Click Menu

This is handy to turn on because two of the Windows Ink Workspace apps, Sketchpad and Screen Sketch both work with your finger or a rubber tipped stylus to draw on the screen. In addition, Sticky Notes are fully functional using a mouse and keyboard.

This gallery will walk you through the layout of the Windows Ink Workspace and each of the main three apps available through that on the Windows 10 Anniversary Update.

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