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Windows Home Server 2011 on Sale?

I've received multiple emails from readers about unbelievable deals on the OEM version of Windows Home Server 2011--$49 at and $59 at, reportedly--and while I can't find those exact prices, it's true that this software is currently significantly cheaper than usual, and a steal at the prices I am seeing. If you're interested in building your own Windows Home Server 2011-based servers, as I've done, this might be the right time to jump.

NewEgg is selling Windows Home Server 2011 for $69. But I show Amazon with the same product for $63.19 (weird price). I wonder if either or both adjusts the price dynamically for different customers. But the list price at both retailers is $150.

What's still missing, of course, is OEM hardware. I get a lot of email about that as well, but I have no good answers, sorry. We were supposed to see the first WHS 2011-based servers well before now. But to my knowledge, none are shipping from any A-list players (Dell, etc.) yet.

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