Windows Apps Weekly for 19 April 2015 – INRIX

Windows Apps Weekly for 19 April 2015 – INRIX

When I was working for Best Buy I had a commute that was 38 miles one way and took about an hour depending on traffic.

Although there were alternate paths they typically took longer so I was tied to a specific route each day I headed into work. 

That meant I was always keeping an eye on traffic conditions and I used INRIX, which has apps on both Windows 8.1 desktop and Windows Phone 8.1, to stay up to date.

A few hours before I would normally leave for work I would pull INRIX up on my desktop to keep an eye on conditions as I got ready and went through my normal routine.  INRIX knew my home and work addresses so if something popped up traffic wise I would get an alert and adjust my departure accordingly.

Once I was on my way in I kept an eye on things just to make sure nothing significant came up by using the app on my Windows Phone. If there were unexpected delays I could at least let someone know if the delay was going to impact my arrival at work.

The INRIX free version, they do offer a premium subscription, provides terrific features:

  • Traffic News: Personalize and see all news relevant to your commute on one screen. Never be surprised by event traffic again!
  • Traffic Map: See current traffic conditions, incidents, construction, events, police and road closures.
  • Fastest Routes: See and compare the fastest routes to your top destinations.
  • New Search: Now you can search for temporary places right from the map and share your arrival time.
  • Share Arrival Times: One click to text or email your arrival time to friends and family.
  • Report Incidents: Be a part of a community. Help your fellow drivers by sharing incidents you encounter along your route.
  • Departure Alerts: Notifications for when to leave for an on-time arrival.
  • Traffic Cameras: See even more detail with traffic cameras along your route.
  • Traffic Alerts: Receive live traffic alerts about traffic delays, based on your location and preferences.
  • Cloud Sync: See your saved places and routes on multiple devices.

INRIX Windows Phone App

Download INRIX App for Windows Phone

INRIX Windows App

Download INRIX App for Windows Desktop

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