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Windows Apps Weekly for 15 February 2015 – Package Tracker Pixabay

Windows Apps Weekly for 15 February 2015 – Package Tracker

Almost everyone has shopped online at some point or another.

In fact, according to the U.S. Commerce Department in an October 2014 report as summarized at Statistic Brain, U.S. online sales in 2015 are projected to be over $347 billion with $76 billion of those sales being made on mobile devices.

The report goes on to show that 87% of consumers have made an Internet based purchased and 59% have made multiple purchases online.

That means there are a lot of packages moving around this country at any given time taking goods to the homes of those online shoppers.

Well my featured app for this week will help Windows and Windows Phone users keep track of their share of those in-transit packages.

Package Tracker, developed by a German software and consulting company, brings that tracking ability to your Windows Phone handset or right to your Windows desktop in a Modern App.

As you can see in the features list below they are universal apps so that means pay once and use on all of your compatible devices.  The app also boasts integrated cloud sync that allows you to add a new package on any handset or desktop device and then see it updated on every platform you have Package Tracker installed on.

They are very popular apps and well-reviewed based on the stats noted below.

Here is the full features list:

- Cloud synchronization: Sync your packages and settings on all your Windows 8 and Windows Phone devices
- Live tile updates (push notifications) for changes of the package status
- Barcode scanner for scanning package labels
- Bing map showing the last known position of a package
- Webview showing the carrier's website
- Pin packages to the start screen
- Details of a package with complete tracking history
- Share target for sharing tracking numbers from email
- Share package status via mail
- More than 60 carriers available

Package Tracker App for Windows Phone (1,013 reviews for 4.5 Stars)

Package Tracker App for Windows (379 reviews for 4.5 Stars)


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