Windows 8.1 Tip: Use Bing to Make an Xbox Music Playlist

Windows 8.1 Tip: Use Bing to Make an Xbox Music Playlist

A fun way to use the web to find new music

Anyone who upgrades from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1 will quickly notice that the new version of the OS is more cohesive and mature. These improvements can be found all over Windows 8.1, and most notably in the enhanced integration between Microsoft's bundled Windows Store apps and its online services. And here's a fun example: You can use Bing to make playlists in Xbox Music.

Here's how.

Using Internet Explorer, search Bing for a favorite musical artist. Here, I'm searching for Van Halen.

Then, access the Share charm. (You can do this by opening the Charms with the mouse, or via touch, or by typing WINKEY + H.) As you can see, Xbox Music is one of the apps you can share with.

Select Music – Create a Playlist to display Xbox Music's sharing interface.

Select the item you wish from the search results list and then tap Create Playlist. Xbox Music will create the playlist and then the app will load and display your new playlist.

From here, you can do anything you'd normally do with a playlist: Rename it, play it, and, if you have an Xbox Music Pass, download it to your PC for offline use.

Have fun!

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