Windows 8.1 Book: Music 0.3

Getting closer

Following hot on the heels of the previous update to the Music chapter in Windows 8.1 Book is this third, nearly final version. This version includes the updated screenshots I had hoped to provide in the previous release plus several new sections of content about the Xbox Music app in Windows 8.1.

I mentioned when I posted the previous update that a recent release of the Xbox Music app had changed the UI in such a way that I would need to replace many of the screenshots in the chapter. Over the weekend, I redid all of those screenshots and then wrote most, but not all, of the remaining sections.

So there will be a fourth update to this chapter before the first draft of this chapter is complete. That update will include sections on importing playlists, buying music (partially complete now), and managing your account and Xbox Music Pass.

Feedback is always appreciated.

Download Music 0.3 (30 page PDF, 1.72 MB)

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Download Windows 8.1 Book 0.06 (115 page PDF, 7.48 MB)

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