Windows 8.1 Book: First Draft of the Photos Chapter is Now Complete

Windows 8.1 Book: First Draft of the Photos Chapter is Now Complete

One chapter down, about a million to go

The first draft of the Photos chapter for Windows 8.1 Book is now complete. This chapter focuses on the primary photo experiences in Windows 8.1, which are available through the Photos and Camera apps.

This is a fairly straightforward update, and the second version of this chapter that I've posted. I'll probably post more frequently going forward, but as a rough plan I'd like to see if we can't "finish" (in first draft form) a chapter a week.

New to this version of the chapter are sections about taking photos, panoramas and personal videos, configuring Camera features, editing photos and personal videos, and a few others. I also moved some material around, but nothing major.

As with the previous update, bits highlighted in green represent links to content in other chapters that aren't available yet. I think I might start assembling full book versions starting with the next chapter so that I can keep up on that stuff and not do it all at the end like I did for Paul Thurrott's Windows Phone 8.

Feedback of any kind is appreciated. This is early days so all kinds of things can still change.

Download Photos 0.2 (33 page PDF, 1.93 MB)

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