Windows 8.1 Book: First Draft of the Install Chapter is Now Complete

Windows 8.1 Book: First Draft of the Install Chapter is Now Complete

I love it when a plan comes together

The first draft of the Install chapter for Windows 8.1 Book is now complete. This chapter focuses on Windows Setup, the Out of Box Experience, and the Windows 8.1 Upgrade Assistant, the primary interfaces most users will see when they interactively install or upgrade to Windows 8.1.

This update adds short sub-sections in the "post-Setup" tasks section. I moved one topic to the Backup and Restore chapter.

While it's fair to say any draft chapter is by nature not technically finished, that's especially true for this chapter given the wide range of associated topics. I expect to be adding more content to the chapter at a later date, but obviously would like to move on and hammer out more of the book first. That's the beauty of digital publishing: We can update this again and again as needed.

On a related note, I made a small change to the table of contents (TOC). The SkyDrive chapter has been removed and replaced by a Files chapter that is now appearing earlier in the book. SkyDrive sync was always going to be elsewhere anyway, so that chapter is really about your files, not just about SkyDrive.

Feedback is always appreciated. Let us know what's missing, if anything.

Download Install 0.3 (30 page PDF, 1.98 MB)

SkyDriveDropboxGoogle Drive

Download Windows 8.1 Book 0.10 (150 page PDF, 12.8 MB)

SkyDriveDropboxGoogle Drive

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