Windows 8.1 Book: Calendar 0.2

A second update to the Calendar chapter

Here's a second peek at the in-progress Calendar chapter for Windows 8.1 Book. This is a significant update to the chapter with several new sections.

In some ways, it's easier to explain what's still missing: The section about events (and meetings), which will of course be the heart of the chapter. But since the first update, I've added sections on calendaring terms, accessing events from outside the app (lock screen, tile, and notification reminders), and customizing Calendar (many sub-sections).

I'll write the events section tomorrow and hopefully finish up this chapter as well. I'm looking to get the "Book" document together this weekend as well, but we'll see how that goes.

Feedback is always appreciated.

Download Calendar 0.2 (12 page PDF, 611 KB)

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