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Windows 8 Release Preview: Metro Color Schemes Screenshot Gallery

When Microsoft released its Windows 8 Developer Preview with only a single color schemes, users reacted violently enough that the company retreated on its original plan to introduce only a single new color scheme with each milestone release. Instead, the Consumer Preview featured 9 color schemes, a big improvement. But now in the Release Preview, we’re seeing even more color schemes. 25 of them, in fact.

Metro color schemes consist of two colors, a foreground, or accent, color and a background color. And they’re tied together: You can’t arbitrarily mix and match different accent and background colors, unfortunately.

Here’s a screenshot gallery showing off the 25 different color schemes that are now available in the Windows 8 Release Preview. Note that I’ve displayed the Start screen’s app bar in each shot so you can see the accent color clearly. (Be sure to view this gallery using the large images by clicking the pop-out button in the lower right.)

And yes, Microsoft tells me that even more color schemes are on the way for the final release of Windows 8.

But wait, there’s more!

Discover much, much more about the Windows 8 Release Preview in Windows 8 Release Preview: The Ultimate Delta Guide, a guide to all of the articles I’ve published about this milestone build of Microsoft’s next OS.

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