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Windows 7 Sells Itself: A Look at the New Ads

About a year ago, Microsoft finally began fighting back against the snarky Apple "I'm a Mac, I'm a PC" ads with a series of its own advertisements which highlighted the diversity of the PC market. Simply dubbed "I'm a PC," the advertising campaign is still a huge hit, and virtually everyone who sees these ads is taken by how nice they are. Unlike Apple's sarcastic, borderline libelous advertising, the Microsoft ads feature real PC-using people telling real stories. The contrast with Apple is simply amazing.

Microsoft also launched another successful ad campaign over the past year. This one, called "Laptop Hunters," hits Apple where it hurts the most, price. Say what you will about Apple's Macs--and, make no mistake, every single Laptop Hunters ad does mention the Mac--but they're far more expensive than PCs. And in this economy, especially, that irrefutable fact rings true. Laptop Hunters is so successful that Apple actually started responding to them in its own ads. Game over, Apple. Thanks for playing.

Now with Windows 7 rising like a phoenix over the horizon, Microsoft is back with a new set of ads, this time based around its next OS. As with its previous ads, the Windows 7 ads are a welcome shot of positive vibes. They're cute, funny, and relevant. And they once again make Apple, and its own ads, look silly by comparison. Here they are.

Good News

Kylie's Conversations

Other Windows 7 promotional videos

In addition to the advertisements above, Microsoft has also created a number of promotional web videos for Windows 7 that highlight key new functionality in the OS. Here are some of the better ones.

Windows 7: Your PC, your life

Personalization: Your PC, your style

Aero Shake: Shake away the clutter

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