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Windows 7 Milestone 3 Screenshot Gallery, Part 2: Applications

These screenshots come courtesy of Microsoft. I'll be posting my own shots as well, but Microsoft's shots are interesting because they depict a slightly different build than the one distributed to PDC attendees. Thus, it features additional functionality such as the new Aero desktop effects and the new taskbar with jump lists and taskbar previews.

Windows Calculator.

New Device Stage interface.

New Windows Search supports remote share search as well.

The new Pictures Library aggregates image content from a variety of folders on your PC and, optionally, from around the home network.

Windows Media Player 12.

Windows Media Player 12 Play To function, controlling a remote audio device.

The Scenic Ribbon UI in Microsoft Paint.

A typical crowded Windows desktop.

The Documents Library with preview pane enabled.

Internet Explorer 8.

--Paul Thurrott
October 28, 2008


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