Windows 10 Upgrades: Who gets it, how they get it and who doesn’t

Windows 10 Upgrades: Who gets it, how they get it and who doesn’t

Another interesting session out of the WinHec Summit in Shenzhen, China has revealed the path for current Windows users to upgrade to Windows 10 when it is released sometime this summer.

The session, presented by Ming-che Julius Ho a program manager at Microsoft, contains some very bad news for those of us still using our Surface or Surface 2 devices that are based on Windows RT.

Of course, those still out there on Windows Vista are not listed so they will need to perform a clean install after purchasing a copy of Windows 10 as they are not listed as an eligible version of Windows for the free upgrade to Windows 10. In reality Vista is a very small portion of the entire Windows user base so it does not impact that many people.

On the other hand for those on Windows XP, who are also not eligible for the free Windows 10 upgrade, it is time to upgrade your hardware when Windows 10 comes out and enjoy the benefits of the technology advancements that have been made over the last 10 years.

Windows 10 Upgrade Matrix

Source: Microsoft via NeoWin

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