Windows 10 update remedies failed flyouts

Windows 10 update remedies failed flyouts

Our Ring Master, Gabe Aul, has spoken and announced an update to Windows 10 but it is not a new build - just a patch for an issue relating to the Windows 10 Taskbar.

The fix, which is available in Windows Update, solves a problem on Windows 10 build 10130 that caused some Taskbar related flyouts to not open as expected.

I myself have seen this error on one of my Windows 10 test devices on a regular basis so it is great to have a fix. However, after the reboot guess what happened?

The Action Center flyout refused to open - so time for another reboot and see what happens then.

There is not much else in the related knowledge base article, KB3070365, but it does list that this bug impacts Start, Cortana, Network, Battery and Action Center.

Let us know if you were seeing this bug and if the fix sorted things out.

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