Windows 10 Redstone Related Updates for PC and Mobile Builds

Windows 10 Redstone Related Updates for PC and Mobile Builds

Today was a housekeeping day for the Windows team and participants in the Windows Insider Program on both PCs and mobile devices with a few adjustments made to what builds are in the Fast and Slow Rings plus the release of a package of updates for Build 14342 on PCs and a new build for Windows 10 Mobile.

The last build which was released to the PC slow ring was 14295 back on 30 March 2016. That means it has been 50 days since the last time users had access to ISO files for a Redstone development branch build. Based on what was shared by Microsoft it may be a couple more days before they are available for 14342.

Here is a quick rundown of what has been done today relating to those Windows Insider builds of Redstone.


  • Windows 10 Build 14342 has been moved to the Slow Ring.
  • KB3158988 has been released to Windows Update for Build 14342 which "fixes the issue that occurs where you can’t close Microsoft Edge or get context menus to work if you turn off all extensions without uninstalling them. It also includes a couple of fixes for some issues causing some devices to bugcheck (Bluescreen)."
  • KB3158988 is not a Cumulative Update so it will install the updates for 14342 but the build number will remain 14342.1001.
  • ISOs will be available in the near future now that this build has moved to the slow ring.


  • Windows 10 Build 14342.1003 has been released for Windows Insiders in the Fast Ring. It is the same build as 14342.1001"but with some additional fixes to improve reliability of this build on devices."

I have not experienced the Microsoft Edge crashes, missed any context menus or had any BSODs on build 14342 but I have no doubt that both of these updates will bring some relief for plenty of users.

On the mobile side, ICON users have had a rough time with build 14342 on their devices due to a major battery drain that almost outpaces their attempts to charge those handsets. Although Microsoft does not mention that as an issue addressed in this update, I am sure many of those ICON users are hoping for some relief from build 14342.1003.

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