Windows 10 November Update: React and Respond to Your Phone on Your PC

Windows 10 November Update: React and Respond to Your Phone on Your PC

With the Windows 10 November update firmly in consumer hands, we can now identify new features delivered in the OS’s first major upgrade. Some are clearly evident, but some are seemingly tucked away.

One of those new features is the ability to view missed calls and text messages from your Windows Phone (yes, Windows Phone is required – for now) on your actual PC. This function is handled by Cortana so the settings adjustment is accessible in Cortana’s settings. There are a couple important pieces to making this work.

First, you must be signed-in to both devices using the same Microsoft Account. Secondly, you must be running Windows 10 Mobile (which won’t officially release until later this month or early next month). There’s currently no indication that this feature will ever come to Windows Phone 8.1. There’s also no official word that this feature might be available on other platform (iOS/Android) devices – though there are rumors…

Instead of using a Bluetooth connection to accomplish this like Microsoft Band v2 does, Windows 10 and Cortana utilize your Microsoft account to sync the content between devices through the Microsoft Cloud.

To turn this on (or off)…

  1. Open Cortana, go to Notebook, and then choose Settings.

  1. Page down to the Missed Call Notifications area to change the setting status.

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