Windows 10 Mobile Slated for December Rollout

Windows 10 Mobile Slated for December Rollout

The announcement of Microsoft’s next gen Lumia devices this week show that the company is still attempting to stir the innovation pot in hopes that the combination of hardware and OS can finally tip the scale. The company has struggled to maintain a paltry 3-4% market share in the U.S. for the last few years. But, there’s a glimmer of hope in a unified codebase and a Windows 10 Mobile OS that can act as a PC-in-your-Pocket (Continuum technology) on specialized hardware.

That specialized hardware becomes available starting in November, when the Lumia 950 ($549) and Lumia 950XL ($649) become available. A lower cost device, the Lumia 550 ($139) will launch in December. These new units will all ship with Windows 10 Mobile.

New hardware is good, particularly hardware that introduces innovation like Continuum. But, Windows 10 Mobile has yet to actually ship, and an official, public release date for old hardware has yet to be announced. Windows Insiders testing the mobile version are starting to get antsy, causing some to wonder if Microsoft delays any further it may miss the window to save its mobile OS completely.

However, a response on the Lumia Facebook page, might reveal when the clicking clock my finally chime.

According to the response (shown below), Microsoft is planning to officially launch Windows 10 Mobile for everyone sometime in December.


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