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Windows 10 Mobile build on its way to Insiders

Earlier today I discussed Microsoft's internal process for getting Windows builds out to its over 7 million testers and it now appears those testers are finally going to get a new Windows 10 Mobile build tomorrow.

One of the issues the Windows team has encountered over the last couple of weeks were blocking bugs with potential Windows Insider Program candidate builds. Each time the team had to get the bug fixed, add the fixed code to the operating system and then start the internal testing process again.

The companies determination to get a fresh build out is obvious as Gabe Aul, the Vice President of the Windows & Devices Engineering Systems team, took to Twitter to once again and used the power of the people to decide on the merits of pushing a candidate build out to testers.

That build, 10536 if you are curious, has one significant issue and so Gabe asked Insiders to vote about whether the build gets pushed tomorrow as is or if Insiders want to wait until next Tuesday for a build that fixes the issue.

As you might imagine, Insiders spoke quickly, profoundly and asked for the build despite the bug. I am not sure if Gabe should have expected any other answer when Insiders have been waiting almost a month for a new build.

Windows 10 Mobile 10526 Publish Poll Results

Anyway, according to the telemetry Microsoft collects on its test builds, this issue affects about 28% of users. Aul said the bug appears when they attempt to purchase an app or make an in app purchase in the mobile Windows Store. It is caused by what he described as a memory pressure issue and a reboot fixes it.

Installing already purchased apps are not affected nor does it impact updating installed apps so it should be a relatively low impact for most users.

Staging of build 10536 will begin today and Aul expects it to be ready for download by Insiders early Friday morning.

Do you plan to try out this build yourself or wait until a new build arrives fixing the Store bug?

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