Windows 10 Mobile Build 10536 distro cancelled due to upgrade bug

Windows 10 Mobile Build 10536 distro cancelled due to upgrade bug

Their intentions were good but in the long run Windows Insiders will appreciate the cancelation of this next build of Windows 10 Mobile and its upgrade bug.

After seeking the democratic input of Windows Insiders on Twitter yesterday, Gabe Aul has taken to Twitter this morning with the bad news - no build 10536 of Windows 10 Mobile today.

The VP of the Windows & Device Group Engineering Systems team and public face of the Windows Insider program said the bug would prevent anyone running 10536 to upgrade to subsequent builds of the un-released mobile operating system.

That would mean needing to reset a phone to its base OS and then upgrading to any future builds. Painful and big time not fun!

I am sure many Insiders are disappointed with this news and personally I am glad their vigilance found the issue before it was pushed out today. Another build already being prepared that incorporates the Windows Store app purchasing bug that would have been in 10536 is in the pipeline and expected early next week.

He has also committed the team to a weekend full of work to get this next build into the hands and handsets of Windows Insiders. This is all part of building a complex mobile operating system and part of being a Windows Insider.

Patience is a virtue but for some it is not as evidenced by the stream of vitriol being directed towards Gabe Aul on Twitter in the wake of this development.

If you are so tied to a pre-release build of technology that it would prompt you to treat a fellow human being in such a manner then just turn off your computer, smart phone, tablet or whatever you are on and step away from the device because you need a break.

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