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Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcut Guide

Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcut Guide

Windows 10 does not lack options when it comes to interacting with the new operating system using your keyboard and a collection of shortcuts.

Microsoft has recently made a three page document available that lays out some of the most common keyboard shortcuts for Windows 10.

There is an extensive list of keyboard shortcuts available on the Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcut page which covers Windows 10, apps and Internet Explorer. There are literally hundreds of shortcuts listed on that page.

If that seems a bit overwhelming to start with then this free downloadable three page Word document (173KB), which focuses in on 42 keyboard shortcuts that use the Windows key on your devices keyboard, should be useful.

Some of the shortcuts on that list include:

  • Windows Key + M - to minimize all open windows and go to the desktop. Windows Key + D performs same action but press it again and your open apps/programs will be re-displayed.
  • Windows Key + H - to open the Share Charm (yes it is still there). Windows Key + C used to open the Charms Bar in Windows 8.1 but in Windows 10 it opens Cortana. By the way Windows Key + S also launches Cortana for searching.
  • Windows Key + O - locks device orientation.
  • Windows Key + Home - minimizes active Window. Second use will restore the active window.
  • Windows Key + ?  opens the Windows Feedback app.

What is your most used keyboard shortcut on Windows 10?

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