Windows 10 Insider Build 14332 ISO Now Available for Download

Windows 10 Insider Build 14332 ISO Now Available for Download

This is not the way it is supposed to work but I am sure there are plenty of Windows Insiders who are very happy to have this unexpected ISO release for Windows 10 Build 14332.

Typically ISOs for Windows Insider builds are not released for public download until that build has been designated for the Windows 10 Development Branch Slow Ring.

It is then that the digital downloads are made available through the Windows Insider website for users to use. The big benefit to grabbing the ISOs is the ability to perform a clean install and basically get a clean start with the current build.

Well without any announcement and sometime in the last 24 hours, ISOs for Windows 10 Build 14332 have been made available for immediate download.

The following Windows 10 Insider Build 14332 versions are available through either the main or advanced download pages at the Windows Insider site:

  • Windows 10 Client
  • Windows 10 Enterprise

I was glad to see this ISO show up because for some reason my HP Stream 7 was not picking up the latest build through Windows Update, I was trying to update from 14316, so I was able to download this 14332 ISO and perform an in-place upgrade without any issue.

Will you grab the ISO and do a clean install of 14332 or will you stick with your current upgraded system?

But, wait...there's probably more so be sure to follow me on Twitter and Google+.

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