Windows 10 Get Started App Gallery


Last week Microsoft released the first big update for Windows 10 since it was initially released back on 29 July of this year.

Many users may not be aware that Windows 10 has a built in app called Get Started that uses a combination of how to's, images, videos and links to other content on the Microsoft website to teach users about the new operating system.

To access it just search for Get Started and you can place a shortcut to the app on your Start Menu or Taskbar for easy access.

It is broken down into the following categories and subject areas:

  • Welcome
  • What's New
    • Introducing Windows 10
    • What's New
  • Search and Help
    • Search for anything, anywhere
    • Search for help
  • Setting Things Up
    • Sign in with a Microsoft Account
    • Set up accounts
    • Set up your family
    • Set up email and calendar
    • Change your account picture
    • Protect your PC
  • Get Connected
    • Get online
    • Why can't I get online?
    • Connect to a printer
    • Connect to Bluetooth devices
    • Send a message
    • Make a Skype video call
  • Start
    • See what's on the menu
    • Love it? Pin it
    • Make Start full screen
    • Find all your apps and programs
  • Cortana
    • What is Cortana?
    • Make Cortana yours
  • Windows Hello
  • Microsoft Edge
    • Get to now Microsoft Edge
    • Write on the web
    • Take your reading with you
    • Dynamic duo: Cortana and Microsoft Edge
  • Xbox App
    • Meet the Xbox app
    • What's a gamertag?
    • Find friends
    • Stream games from your Xbox
    • Record game clips and screenshots
  • Entertainment
    • Play music with Groove
    • Watch movies and TV shows
  • Office
    • Office apps in Windows 10
    • Get things done with Office
    • Sign in to Office 365
  • Personalization and Settings
    • A new look for settings
    • Personalize your lock screen
    • Get started with themes
    • Change desktop background and colors
  • Saving and Syncing Content
    • OneDrive on your PC
    • What's changed in File Explorer
    • Get stuff onto your PC, phone, and tablet
    • Back up and restore your files
  • Apps and Notifications
    • Explore the Store
    • Choose app options
    • Move apps around
    • Group apps into desktops
    • Take action instantly
    • Choose how updates are installed
  • Continuum and Touch
    • Use your PC like a tablet
    • Use touch with Windows
    • Try the latest touchpad gestures
    • Use a pen
  • Ease of Access
    • Make your PC easier to use
    • Hear text read aloud with Narrator
    • Use Speech Recognition
    • Save time with keyboard shortcuts

As you can see the app has an extensive amount of information about Windows 10 and is a great place to begin learning about that new OS on your system.


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