Windows 10 Event Could Have Something for Everyone

Windows 10 Event Could Have Something for Everyone

Anticipation for the next Windows 10 reveal event is definitely growing. I can't remember an hour in the last several days when yet another "what to expect" or "more details emerge" article pops into my view stream. I'm taking all of them with a grain of salt, and you should, too. What we think and what we surmise usually takes on a very different final image when it comes to Microsoft announcements. It's just a safer bet to keep expectations low.

But, I think there's one thing we can be sure of: there will be something for everyone. In just two days, Microsoft is expected to deliver its Windows 10 message, and according to most, the central message will actually be less about the operating system and more about the computers and devices it will run on.

I believe it'll be less about Windows 10 pricing (which some are expecting to hear – though personally I think it's too soon to expect this – but I could be wrong), and more about the hardware that Windows 10 will run on. Windows 10 marks the first time Microsoft is seeking to merge all of its OS's into a single version that can be installed across the multitude of devices it produces itself, and the devices it expects its hardware partners to develop. The hope is that Windows 10 will supply computing to Windows Phone, Windows PCs, Windows devices, and even the Xbox One.

I've been testing Windows 10 on my original Surface Pro as part of the Windows Insider program. Up till now, I've been less impressed with its capabilities, new features, and changes than I think anyone I've talked to or article I've read. I'm a fan, I'm just not as ready as some, I guess, to go all in and give Microsoft an undeserved medal. I'll go into the reasons why I'm not as enamored by Windows 10 as some are in a future article.

Yes, it's Windows, and it's new. But, what will impress me most is when my Windows Phone, Surface Pro 3, and Xbox One all deliver a seamless experience. I believe the Microsoft services platform is extraordinary. I constantly rely on Office 365, OneNote, OneDrive and others be successful. I'm waiting to hear how Windows 10 will deliver on this.

We'll be covering the event and all the announcements here on SuperSite and also WindowsITPro. For those that would like to join in, the important parts of the event will be streamed live. Here's the details:

Date: January 21, 2015

Time: 9:00 AM PST

Streaming link:

Add the event to your calendar: Windows 10 Event

What are you most looking to hear?


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