Windows 10 Event Announcement Scorecard

Windows 10 Event Announcement Scorecard

Considering Microsoft's last Windows 10 event garnered only measly marks and Windows 10's popularity seems to be waning a bit, Microsoft must deliver a number of huge proclamations today. Surfing the Internet for tech news, it's been tough not to bump up against a handful of new rumor mill articles each day.

So, with just a few hours left before Microsoft kicks off its Windows 10 "What's Next?" event, I thought I'd make it a bit easier for us all to keep score on the announcements the company makes today. Taking the wide ranging list of rumors, I've cobbled together a sort of scorecard for myself that I'll be using to sift through rumor and fact today. This is something I do as a best practice for most events like this, usually using OneNote on the Surface Pro 3 to take quick notes for later. Since I find it so useful for myself, I figured some of you might enjoy it, too.

So, here you go. Here's the list of rumors. I've also included it as an OneNote Section download so you can also use OneNote to keep tabs: OneNote Section download.

  • Windows 10 Desktop
    • Cortana
    • Refreshed UI
    • Upgrade path for Surface RT and Surface 2?
  • Universal Store
    • Combine PC, Windows Mobile, Xbox
    • iOS and Android?
  • OneDrive improvements and integrations
  • Continuum
  • Windows 10 Mobile
    • New name?
    • Lumia Camera features built into OS
    • New Gestures
    • Mixview
  • Unified code
    • Xbox, PC, devices, Windows Mobile
  • Office Touch!
  • Gaming (Xbox, PC, Windows Mobile)
    • Streaming gaming service
    • Unified, hybrid gaming
    • Roaming games
    • Xbox Live for iOS and Android
  • Hardware
    • VR Headset (Project B)
    • New Hybrid device (phone/laptop)
    • Perceptive Pixel (large touchscreen improvements) with Kinect
  • Spartan (Internet Explorer replacement)
    • Chrome extension support?
    • Renaming/rebranding

Event info:


As you'd expect, we'll have full coverage of the event here on SuperSite for Windows. So, check back. I'm sure there'll be enough announced today to keep us all in commentary for weeks to come.


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