Windows 10 Creators Update: Get Office App is Link to Office Documents, Software, and Settings


During the development of the Creators Update over the last eight months, the Get Office app went from being an Office 365 training and awareness tool to a consolidated portal for all things relating to your Office 365 subscription.

It still has the links to information about Office 365 and training tools but it has now been turned into a centralized location for you to find documents you are working on, options for sharing your subscription with others, direct links to the software installed on your device, and feedback tools.

In the Windows 10 Anniversary Update one of my automatic maintenance activities used to be uninstalling Get Office from my devices. Now, with its new role in the Creators Update, it stays on my system with a shortcut on the Start Menu/Screen.

It is broken down into the following pages/tabs within the app:


Listing of your recent documents and shortcuts to Office programs on your device.

My Account

Office 365 information about when your subscription expires and links to various subscription benefits:

-- Manage Installs
-- Share Office 365
-- Office Mobile Apps
-- Support
-- OneDrive
-- Skype
-- What's new


Links to all of the Office 365 programs installed on your system or available under your subscription. There is a brief description with each one in case you are not as familiar with some of the offerings.


Links to Recent Documents in order they were accessed.

Help and training

Links support and learning documents:

-- See what's new and improved
-- Get the Quick Start Guides
-- Explore our free online training

By the way, those Quick Start Guides are well put together and can be the basis for a solid training curriculum.


Links to provide feedback or suggestions via the Office 365 UserVoice channels.


Standard one each About page with latest build number for the app.


Windows 10 Creators Update

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