Windows 10 Creators Update Build 15048 Hands On and Updates


Over the last seven days the Windows Insider community has been in build release heaven.

In that time frame Microsoft has released three PC builds (15042, 15046, and 15048) and two Mobile builds (15043 and 15047) which brings the total number of testing/development builds for Redstone 2, aka the Creators Update, to 39 (23 PC and 16 Mobile). One of those mobile builds, 15043, was moved to the Slow Ring this week as well - the first such Slow Ring build for mobile in over 100 days. Plus, while we are tracking all of this, the last Slow Ring build for PCs was in mid December (14986).

If you want to keep up with all of the builds coming out of Redmond for Redstone 2/Creators Update just bookmark our PC and Mobile trackers.

As I have discussed over the last couple of weeks, we are at that point in the development of the Creators Update that the feature set is locked down and the primary focus of the Windows team at Microsoft is to deal with the bugs, known issues, and address any performance issues.

Today's build releases do exactly that with no new features noted in the release blog post from Windows Insider Chief Dona Sarkar but a whole list of fixed items on the PC and Mobile platforms plus known issues.

Two very obvious items have made a comeback with this build after they went missing a couple of builds ago.

First - Build 15048 has an expiration date of 15 May 2017:

Windows 10 Build 15048 Expiration Dialog

Next - the desktop watermark is once again earmarking this build as a pre-release testing build:

Windows 10 Build 15048 Desktop Watermark

So I sat down one of my bare metal devices running Windows 10 Build 15048 in front of my Podcasting Machine running Current Branch (14393.XXX) and compared some menu items. I do this occasionally because like many of you, I miss some of the more subtle changes (and not so subtle) as we move from build to build during testing.

This gallery will show you some of those differences I noted and quite a few come out of the Windows Settings app including the extensive Privacy Settings.

Have you noticed anything different in this build compared to the Current Branch release of Windows 10?


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