Windows 10 Creators Update: App Folders on the Start Screen


The Windows 10 Creators Update adds a very popular feature from Windows 10 Mobile and gives users the ability to customize their Start Screens by creating App Folders.

These App Folders can hold any combination of program shorts and live tiles inside the same screen space that is taken up by just one medium, wide, or large tile.

Your options for customizing your Start Screen are virtually unlimited and you can even use all four tile sizes (small, medium, wide, and large) within these App Folders.  The placement of the tiles within an App Folder is also up to you plus your App Folders can be placed anywhere on your Start Screen.

Note: App Folders can not be added to your Start Menu or what some also call the App List that runs along the left side of the Start Screen when you click on the Start Menu flag on Windows 10.

This gallery has a step by step of creating and removing an App Folder but for those of you who would prefer to learn by seeing it happen in real time then be sure to check out this video that goes along with the gallery.


Windows 10 Creators Update

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