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Windows 10 Build 9926: Quick Access and Libraries Living in Harmony

Windows 10 Build 9926: Quick Access and Libraries Living in Harmony

A popular File Explorer feature, Windows Libraries, has been around for a while in Windows. It's a feature I've used constantly, allowing me to store links to folders I access regularly for quick access. If you use File Explorer at all, I'm sure you've found it a valuable feature, too.

Windows 10 now has a new File Explorer feature called Quick Access, which seems to combine the functionality of the old Favorites feature and the Windows Libraries. I won't dig into the Quick Access features and how it replaces Favorites here in this article since I've already done so HERE, but instead talk about how Libraries and Quick Access work hand-in-hand.

The difference, of course, is that a Library is a collection of files while Quick Access is a customizable area for frequently accessed files and folders. Libraries are automatically provided folders underneath the Quick Access structure in File Explorer. And, in the file and folder system you can still right-click and choose where to create shortcuts to your commonly accessed information, but now you can choose either Quick Access or Libraries.

And, of course, this works for OneDrive folders, too, allowing you to build quick access to files and folders stored in Microsoft's cloud storage service.

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