Windows 10 Build 15043 for Mobile Goes Slow and ISOs Released for PC Build 15042

Windows 10 Build 15043 for Mobile Goes Slow and ISOs Released for PC Build 15042

Today Microsoft revealed that they are doing some house keeping when it comes to the various builds that are available for PC and Mobile devices across the Fast and Slow rings for Windows Insiders.

We start off with an announcement directly from Dona Sarkar, the Windows Insider Program Chief, to let everyone know that the Windows team has designated Build 15043, which was just released to the Fast Ring last week, for distribution to Insiders signed up for the Slow Ring.

While releasing a Fast Ring build to the Slow Ring just six days later seems like a pretty quick turn around, which it actually is, Windows 10 Mobile users in the Slow Ring are actually seeing their first build in over 100 days. The last Slow Ring build for mobile users, 14965, was made available back on the 17th of November - exactly 106 days ago.

In that same period of time there have been six Fast ring builds released for Windows 10 Mobile so while it is lagging in the build count behind PCs it does see many of the same features that make their way onto Windows 10 Creators Update PCs.

On the PC side of things for Windows 10 Build 15042, which was also released last Friday alongside the 15043 release for mobile devices, has now been made available for download in ISO formatted files. Although this build has not been designated for the PC Slow Ring yet, these ISO files have been made available so that testers can try out the new out of box experience in installing Windows 10 Creators Update using Cortana for voice control and seeing the improved series of questions about privacy settings.

Just be sure to head into the Feedback Hub and give Microsoft feedback about that process. I tried this out when it first became available several builds ago and tried it out with this build and it has improved tremendously over that time.

By the way, if you are keeping track (and we do), it has been 78 days since the last Slow Ring build was pushed out to those Insiders. That was Build 14986 which was released on 14 December 2016.

To download the ISOs for Build 15042 just head over to the Windows Insider website and sign in to access them.


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