Windows 10 Build 10558 Screenshots


Prior to the release of Windows 10 on 29 July 2015 there always seemed to be a new desktop build seeping out from some source on the web.

Since late July those leaks have been plugged up pretty good however, over this past weekend Windows 10 Build 10558 made its way out and about the web so I took a look at it to see what has changed.

This build is from the Threshold 2 branch which is the same branch that Windows Insiders are currently getting their Fast Ring builds from. The latest build in testers hands is 10547 so this one is much fresher.

Based on tweets from Gabe Aul, build 10559 is already in Microsoft's internal fast ring. On top of that last week he also mentioned the likelihood of seeing new builds this week following the new hardware announcements from Microsoft in New York City. So 10558 is a build we will not see publicly but it shows some nice progress with fit and finish.

My expectation for future builds off the TH2 branch is all about stability and consistent performance. Still way to much variations in how Windows 10 performs for different users.

I have upgraded my test device from 10547 to 10558 and will be testing the stability aspect of this build over the next week or so - unless of course we get an even newer build.


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