Windows 10 Build 10532 drops for Insiders

Windows 10 Build 10532 drops for Insiders

Windows Insiders who opted back in the preview program for Windows 10 have just received their second testing build for the month old operating system.

We know that over 75 million people have already installed the release version of Windows 10 in the last month and prior to its release there were more than 6 million Insiders testing Windows 10 but I suspect there are a lot fewer folks trying out the testing builds now.

For those who are continuing the testing this build and subsequent ones are not going to blow you away with a pile of new features, in fact many Insiders may be disappointed in what they perceive as the lack of progress in this build.

If you are going to be an Insider then this should be the expectation - small incremental steps over time - the upkeep and improvement of Windows 10 is like a marathon and not a 100 yard dash.

Welcome to Windows as a Service.

So what has been worked on in this build beyond the normal bug smashing and performance improvements compared to 10525 which was released last week?

  • Improved Context Menus: Microsoft has heard a lot of feedback about the lack of consistency with these Right Click Context Menus so they have worked on improving them by giving them a more modern look and feel. They are also trying to tie together the dark adn light themes throughout the entire OS.
  • The Windows Feedback app, which is not available to all users of Windows 10, has been updated to provide the ability to share your feedback with others directly from the app. This can be done by copying a URL for the feedback to the clipboard and sharing it using any program that is a share target on the OS.

Aul added that this same sharing feature, thanks to the Windows Feedback App being a Universal Windows Platform app, will soon be available for the Windows 10 Mobile version of the app.

He did elaborate that different Windows 10 Mobile builds are working their way through internal Microsoft rings and that they look to have a new build for Insiders on that side soon.

To wrap up there are two known issues in build 10532:

  • Windows Hello facial recognition will not work with some devices but other methods of logging in will work such as PINs, passwords and fingerprints.
  • The crashing of Google Chrome 64 bit is still present in this build and Google is aware of it. In the interim you can either use the 32 bit version fo Chrome or 64 bit Google Chrome Canary build.
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