Windows 10 Build 10525 Headed to Windows Insiders, Microsoft Explains Deleted Feedback

Windows 10 Build 10525 Headed to Windows Insiders, Microsoft Explains Deleted Feedback

If you chose to stay on as Windows Insider after the July 29 upgrade launch, or were one of those that decided to join-up after deciding Windows 10 truly needed your feedback, today marks the first Preview Build of Windows 10 to hit the Rings.

Build 10525 is now rolling out to anxious testers as part of the Fast Ring of updates. With the number of issues and bugs reported less than a month after the official release, Windows 10 can definitely use some extra eyeballs. Just in the last two weeks Microsoft has delivered 3 Cumulative Updates for Windows 10 that never passed inspection by the Windows Insiders masses and some suggest that's the cause for some of the new issues introduced.

This version also marks the reintroduction of the Windows Feedback app as part of the integrated Preview installation. Microsoft removed it just before launch and promised to add it back later on in new test builds.

Over the past couple days rumors surfaced that Microsoft had started deleting "feedback it didn't like," and the company today in a blog post admitted to removing old feedback but has provided clarification…

We have also cleared out the older feedback that we received early on in our product development cycle from the default search results that get returned in the app. You might wonder what’s going to happen to all the feedback you left. The feedback you’ve previously provided is still stored in our internal engineering tools. Engineers are using it to find and filter on key feedback for their areas. We’ll still give you credit in Insider Hub for the feedback you’ve previously left.  You will be able to view a full history of your feedback under “My feedback” with a special marking called “Archive” for pre-release feedback.

The blog post also highlights a couple new things to watch for in this Build, including color customization and better memory management.

And, as always, Microsoft is very straightforward about known issues, stating the following:

  • Mobile hotspot doesn’t work in this build. When sharing the Internet from your device with mobile broadband using Mobile Hotspot, it will fail to get a valid IP address from your device and will show no internet access.

  • An update to Movies & TV application from the Store will be required to fix an issue with video playback.

  • Optional languages packs will not be available during the initial launch of this flight, it will be available later this week.

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