Windows 10 Build 10158 – The Upgrade Experience

Windows 10 Build 10158 – The Upgrade Experience

You know we are always so frustrated when it has been a long time between builds in the Windows Insiders program.

That frustration then turns to excited anticipation when our favorite Ring Master shares that there is a new build available for download.

We then head over to Windows Update and begin looking for the latest build and then patiently wait as the download and installation process begins.

If all goes well then we are quickly poking around in the new build to find what has changed. If it does not go smoothly then the frustration stage sticks around a little bit longer.

Yesterday we had the opportunity to experience that roller coaster in the form of Windows 10 Build 10158.

Here at the Hay Household that meant upgrades for my dual booting Windows 10 on my podcasting machine, the HP Stream 7 and an HP Spectre x360.

Windows 10 Build 10158 Upgrade

The desktop machine found 10158 immediately and the upgrade process was flawless and completed quickly compared to past build upgrades.  Since it was an in place upgrade all of my apps, content and settings were right where I left them. After a quick check of the Windows Store (Beta) to update any existing apps I was ready to go. I did notice the beta Windows Store is now the only store in build 10158 as the old green Windows Store from 8/8.1 is no longer listed.

I then grabbed my HP Stream 7 which has been running Windows 10 since February and it also quickly found build 10158 in Windows Update.  Normally the update process on the HP Stream 7 goes very slowly and takes significantly longer than my other machines. This is not a surprise because it lacks the power my other devices have however, this upgrade went much faster than past evolutions so I was very pleased.

I plan to spend some serious one on one time with Tablet Mode on that device and update you on how the experience is in the new build. If there is one area that needs to improve it is Tablet Mode.

During this entire process of updating these two devices I also had the HP Spectre X360 in front of me attempting to download and install build 10158.

It proved to be quite frustrating to say the least.

It was late at night here on the East Coast and many others were reporting on Twitter that they also were not seeing the 101058 update on build 10130.  The common suspicion was that it was likely related to the staging of the new build.

I decided to leave it for the night and come back at it in the morning.

So when I woke up this morning I was eager to fire up the Spectre x360 and grab 10158 and move forward.

Still not found.

Another quick search of Twitter showed that a lot of folks were continuing to have the same experience.

Among the suggestions for addressing this was to make sure that the system was logged in with a Microsoft Account, switch back and forth between the Slow and Fast Rings in the Windows Update settings, and one person even suggested starting the check for updates and then clicking Advanced options changing to Fast and staying on this screen for a while until the build started to download. 

Well that last one is about worthless for anyone who is impatient but I tried it and the other suggestions with no success.

It was at this point I considered resetting the Spectre and I did just that to build 10130.  Once it was restored I set up my Microsoft Account and anxiously headed into Windows Update. After turning on Fast Ring access I went back and checked for updates only have my hopes dashed when it told me I was up to date.

All along folks on Twitter continued to share similar frustration at not being able to get 10158 on their system.

At this point I decided to go to an extreme level and I reinstalled build 10074 on to the Spectre. Once it was done I went into Windows Update where it began to automatically download build 10130 from the Windows Insider Slow Ring.

I immediately restarted the system and when I was logged back in Windows Update was showing that it had been interrupted while download those updates. Now I went in and switched to the Fast Ring and checked updates once again.

Suddenly Windows 10 Build 10158 popped up and began its downloading for install.


I did take this one step further after 10158 was installed and I did one last device Reset to have a clean and fresh image of the new build on the Spectre.

There are still a lot of folks on Twitter experiencing this same issue on a variety of systems. Although Microsoft stated in their announcement post that there no known issues in this build it does seem this is fairly widespread.

Hopefully, the Windows team is actively pursuing a fix for this because 10158 has the potential to be a serious daily driver. It runs very smooth on both the desktop and Spectre and at least the old explorer.exe shut down crash is gone.

So how has your upgrade experience with this new build gone?

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